i love you a latte

This post is espressily for all you coffee lovers out there (and provides a handy list and map of many of Washington, D.C.’s coffee shops!). I’ve always preferred tea to coffee, but I have gained a new level of respect and admiration for coffee after discovering Chemex. And lately, it seems that I’ve been drinking a lot more coffee than tea. With that in mind, I thought I’d share some of Washington, D.C.’s best coffee shops.

My Chemex setup

Chemex Coffee

First, I want to talk about Chemex because I think it deserves more love. Chemex has been around since the 1940s, and it’s actually so well-designed that it’s included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. It’s visually distinctive and appealing, making any kitchen counter look put together. Chemex is also popular because its filters remove cafestol, a cholesterol-filled compound found in coffee oils; thus, the taste you get from brewing Chemex coffee is different from other brewing methods. If you’re a coffee lover, I highly recommend trying Chemex coffee. Hey, if it’s good enough for President Obama

After tasting and learning about Chemex, I had to get my own Chemex Coffeemaker. You can purchase these at a lot of stores, including Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table, Dean & Deluca, World Market, Crate and Barrel, and local coffee shops. They’re available in 3/5/6/8/10/13-cup sizes. You should also purchase the Chemex coffee filters, which as I mentioned above, help to remove the undesirable oils and fats.

When brewing, I typically follow the Stumptown Chemex brewing guide.

My Chemex-related items:

Washington, D.C. Coffee

As coffee lovers know, we’re in the third wave of coffee/specialty coffee movement. First wave was what put Folgers on the kitchen table, and second wave was the Starbucks phenomenon. Third wave focuses on higher quality, fresher sourced roasting, and a deeper appreciation of brewing. The “Big Three” of the third wave coffee are Intelligentsia of Chicago, Stumptown of Portland, and Counter Culture of Durham.

Unfortunately, D.C. does not have any of the Big Three Third Wave Coffee standalone shops (with the exception of a Counter Culture Training Center in D.C.), but many of local shops do carry the Big Three coffee beans.

Coffee Shops in Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area

* = personal favorites

This list is not a comprehensive one of all the coffee shops in the D.C. metropolitan area, but it does include a lot of them. I’ve also taken the time to make a Google map (also see below) of the coffee shops I mentioned above for everyone. This is definitely an ongoing project for me, as I continue my quest to find the best coffee in the D.C. area.

It’s a brewtiful day.

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