catch up with me

We’re more than halfway through 2021! Wow, I haven’t updated since last December. I thought I’d take some time to catch up on what’s been going on.

But first, look at this beautiful rose garden I stumbled across earlier this year. This is Bon Air Park in Arlington, VA, which features a rose garden of over 120 different varieties.


  • Work, per usual. The last few months have been especially busy for me. I have a little breather right now, but things will pick up in the next few weeks.
  • Home improvement and decorating. This will likely never end, right? I feel like most people are always thinking about how to improve and/or (re)decorate their homes. Nonetheless, it takes time, effort, and resources.
  • Fitness. I’ve been a lot more consistent with working out. At first, I was doing cardio and strength training sessions via YouTube. Then, I tried jump roping. After that got a bit tiring, I’ve been going back to a tried and true favorite of mine – dancing. However, my new favorite fitness routine is to play tennis. I have been playing 5-6 times a week on average. Despite the humidity and heat, I’ve really been enjoying tennis and practicing my swings.
  • Photography and videography. I have a new camera (Canon EOS R5) and have been experimenting with it for awhile. Still also have my awesome Fujifilm X100V too. I also (finally!) edited both of my New Zealand travel vlogs: Christchurch and Kaikoura and Queenstown and Milford Sound.
  • Getting vaccinated! I got my COVID-19 vaccination in April/May. It felt so great to get the two doses, and thankfully my symptoms were minor.
  • Spent my birthday weekend at Canaan Valley in West Virginia. Played tennis, golf, swam, biked, and hiked Blackwater Falls. Such a relaxing and fun-filled weekend!
  • Surprised my best friend and her fiancé with a wedding shower, complete with a balloon arch fully assembled by myself, BBQ lunch, a Paris Baguette cake, custom-drawn watercolor illustration of their first house, and a visit from two alpacas and a goat courtesy of My Pet Alpaca.

Current Favorite Eateries

  • Gopchang Story: if you never tried intestines, this is the place to try.
  • The Stone Tofu House: they make their own tofu in-house!
  • Sweet Science Coffee: their Illicitrius (espresso soda) is the best I’ve had in the area.
  • Yi Fang: so far, the best fruit tea in the D.C. metropolitan area!
  • Bôn Tea House: the successor of Bôn Matcha, I love their matcha offerings.
  • China Wok: their Peking duck rivals that of Peking Gourmet Inn and is $15 cheaper.
  • Lil City Creamery: all ice cream is made from Woodside Farm Creamery in Delaware.
  • Farmbird: the kind of lunches I wish I had in school. All chicken is from regional farms.
Truffle the Alpaca
Bean the Goat
Brinkley at Blackwater Falls
Blackwater Falls

Thanks for catching up with me! How’s your summer going?

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